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Bharatanatyam Juniors 01

Bharatanatyam For Young Minds

6 years+ and 12 years+

Classes that support the development of confident children and young individuals rooted in culture and a positive sense of self.

✔ Bharatanatyam personalised, made accessible & fun to learn

✔ Limited number of students per batch

✔ Classes are in a friendly and mutually respectful environment

✔ Train to perform at local events, schools, festivals, ceremonies

"As a Bharatanatyam teacher, Sukruti has the remarkable ability to make an ancient, revered dance form relatable to her students in Canada. In a very short time, she has instilled this connection to Indian arts, culture and history in my two young Canadian-born children.

As she grows her community and reach, we hope many more will benefit from her knowledge and the art form reaches an even wider audience."

- Minakshi

Toronto, Canada

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