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Sukruti loves sharing her passion for Bharatanatyam, Health and Knowledge to make the world a happier place. She sees value in offering traditional knowledge with fresh perspectives through education, entertainment and engagement that help build community and well-being. 


With a style that is vibrant and energetic, Sukruti enjoys moving to rhythm, precision in movement, characterisation, storytelling and responding to compositions in languages she speaks and understands. She sees these compositions as a locus for her entire cultural ethos giving her a deeper sense of identity and self. 


Sukruti is also passionate about storytelling by bringing multiple disciplines together.


A collection of Sukruti's shows in Bharatanatyam, Ensembles, Theatre, Community Arts, Conferences & more...

Classes Main


Sukruti's classes provide enjoyable Bharatanatyam education by supporting creativity, self expression and a positive sense of self. These classes are uniquely designed towards building a global community.

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